Rogue Black Holes In Milky Way Shock Scientists

As you already know by now, black holes are regions of space-time that are forming from massive star collapse at the end of the life cycle. They can continue to grow by absorbing stars and merging with some other monster black holes.

Express notes the fact that this interaction is allowing experts to find their presence as the electromagnetic radiation is given off as visible light across space. On the other hand, it seems that one day these could pose a problem.

The same online publication notes that History’s “10 Ways the World Will End” revealed the ways in which these space anomalies could one day trigger risks for life on our beloved home planet.

There are 100k black holes in our galaxy 

The series reportedly revealed not too long ago the following: “There are 100,000,00 black holes in our galaxy, with vicious gravitational forces, that devour everything in their path.”

The notes continued and said that “If one headed straight for Earth, and we were sucked into its deadly vortex, what would happen to our planet? Would mankind survive? Of all the objects in space, this lethal mass possesses the strongest gravitational pull, earning its name, because nothing, not even light, can escape the grasp.”

As you know, anything that crosses the outer edge will never see light again. A black hole that’s coming towards our planet cruised through the Universe for billions of years now and it’s been growing larger and larger as it’s swelling stars, planets, and everything that it meets on the way.

Physicist Michi Kaku spoke about the fact that even experts were shocked to discover the rogue black holes that are luring in Milky Way.

In other black hole-related news, not too long ago, we revealed that it seems that we have a new, shy galactic neighbor – a black hole leftover from the death of a fleeting star is just around the corner.

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