Satellites In Orbit Could Be Hacked And Weaponized, Experts Warn

The world’s largest active satellite constellation is owned by an aerospace manufacturer called SpaceX. The private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company achieved its goal in January 2020 by having 242 satellites orbiting Earth. But the company doesn’t stop here, as they plan to send other 42,000 satellites in the next decade. But these satellites, along with others in orbit, could be hacked and weaponized.

SpaceX’s primary goal is to provide internet access across all over the world, but they are not the only company to want that. Their competition, Amazon and UK-based OneWeb, also plans to send thousands of satellites in our orbit in the next few months.

The good side of having so many satellites orbiting our planet is that it could help to monitor the environment and also to develop more the global navigation systems as well as having internet access everywhere and anywhere.

Satellites In Orbit Could Be Hacked And Weaponized

By having so many satellites in space, could raise red flags in the cybersecurity standards and regulations for commercial satellites all over the globe. These could turn out to be satellites that are very vulnerable to cyberattacks. All it will need is a skilled hacker to control them.

Hackers could bring a lot of damage if they get their hands on these satellites, such as messing with the infrastructure, like water networks or transportation systems, for example. Or they could simply shut down any spacecraft, which will cut off the internet access.

On an even more dreadful note, hackers could control the direction of these satellites and create chaos in space by making them hit another satellite or much worse, with the International Space Station. Although some of this information can be gruesome, it remains a sad possibility. However, we do hope that the companies will take corrective actions in case any of these situations will happen.

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