Scientists Discovered A New Ancient Human Species Underneath Antarctica​

A shocking discovery made by a team of scientists in Antarctica has been reported to the broad public. An international team of researchers found proof of ‘ancient human intruders’ in the depths of Antarctica’s oceans after they broke the ice and lowered a camera below the ice desert.

Expedition Antarctica ​consisted, so far, in a journey that took 50 days to cross the Southern Ocean and further the ice desert. The experts’ team boarded New Zealand’s research ship RV Tangaroa and used incredibly advanced technology to scan the depths of the ocean. The Aegis imaging system enabled researchers to return with ravishing pictures no one has ever seen before.

The mission is still ongoing, but ‘The Secrets of Antarctica’ documentary has already been released back in July, unveiling the fascinating discoveries made so far by the research team.

The documentary depicts how the team broke the ice to lower a camera through which to observe the marine life that inhabits the waters below the ice desert. The international team of scientists has agreed to continue their research for as long as they can before the waters freeze completely.

Scientists Discovered A New Ancient Human Species Underneath Antarctica​

The camera lowered in the ocean captured images of beer bottles and fishing nets, implying that people may have been illegally fishing in the area. Further, the film details how commercial trawlers are trying to catch toothfish, or as we know it, sea bass when the weather gets better.

While illegal practices in southern seas have critically killed the sea bass’ relative, the Patagonian toothfish, sea bass has remained quite untouched in the waters of Antarctica. However, stricter Antarctic laws allow people to catch the fish and eat it.

Researcher Dr. Jones has explained that sea bass is the only fish humans have a massive impact on. If regulations allow for an increase in the catch, the fish might actually be in danger of extinction.

The research team has also found a new species while traveling across Antarctica. Andrew Stewart, a leading scientist in the digging, held a creature up to the camera, detailing the features he has to look at to differentiate the breeds. The new species discovered by the research team has an unusual color pattern that hasn’t been seen on any other marine species, and it is still unknown.

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