Scientists Focus On Better Methods Of Disinfecting the Public Areas

The ongoing pandemic is affecting the air traffic at an unprecedented level, putting an enormous number of jobs at stake. Purdue University as recently designed a motion graphic with the help of a team of researchers to show the impact of a single cough in an airplane. It turns out that the invisible droplets were spread in the entire cabin, endangering the life of an impressive number of passengers.

At the moment, the airline traffic has suffered a decrease of more than 95% of its regular flights. Even though the states are starting to re-open their borders, we are currently unsure about how we trustful are going to be the people to embark on an airplane.

The issue of bacteria transmission between the passengers has always been present in the airline sector. Think about the bathrooms that present an impressive amount of multi-touch surfaces, given their proximity.

Researchers Are Looking for a Method of Disinfecting the Public Areas

Even though the companies have started disinfecting their surfaces with antibacterials that cover 99.9% of the germs, nobody has ever thought about the imminent appearance of a deadly disease. The scientists from the University of Colombia are currently testing the effectiveness of a new method to disinfect the public areas in an airplane.

The use of ultraviolet lights has proven efficient after a series of tests have been conducting, aiming to provide germ-free spaces such as airplane cabins, schools, or hospitals. Additionally, the researchers are suggesting that a change in the ventilation system would improve the quality of the air and will lessen the chances of spreading the virus.

The director of Columbia’s Center for Radiological Research, David J. Brenner, has declared that 100 mice have been exposed to the UV lights for the past 15 months for over eight hours a day. The tests on their skin and eyes have shown no negative impact on their health, assuring that this method is incapable of harming the people.

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