Scientists Found A Hole In The Ozone Layer Over The Arctic

ozone layer

Scientists have recently spotted a new hole in the ozone layer. Over the last month, the risky pit started to form above The Arctic. This is no wonder to the scientists since the ozone layer over the North Pole has always been problematic during the past decades.

The European Agency is stating that even though this problem has been present for an extended period in our lives, this time, it is even more alarming than usual. The extreme weather conditions have led to an increased depletion than the reasonable standards.

The European Space Agency has given a [press release, and they underlined that the hole in the ozone layer is very likely to close itself later this month. Despite the good news they are bringing, the event is causing trouble to Earth’s health. This year’s ozone hole is more massive than usual.

The Arctic Ozone Layer Presents A Significant Hole

Its dilated sizes were caused by an unusual decrease in the temperatures in the stratosphere. There a whirlpool of icy wind was captured, creating the polar vortex phenomenon. This caused a massive dispersion in the ozone material.

However, the most massive ever spotted hole in the ozone layer is situated over Antarctica and can have up to 25 million square kilometers. Compared to the brand-new Arctic hole, which is one million square less prominent, the most well-known hole over Antarctica is starting as well to become smaller and smaller.

The ESA scientists are warning that they cannot declare yet any conclusions regarding their study in the Arctic Area.

It is still a subject to change how worse the ozone layer is going to go because of the climate risks produced by industry. One thing is for sure: the ozone depletion causes extreme weather all over the world. Therefore, it is a matter of worldwide cooperation to solve this issue.

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