Signals From Inside Our Earth: New Results On “Ghost Particles” Are In

You might have heard about some particles from inside our planet, which are really fascinating to the scientific world at the moment.

Experts who are involved in the Borexino collaboration have revealed some new and exciting results about the measurement of the neutrinos that originate from the interior of our planet.

The elusive “ghost particles” are rarely interacting with the matter, and this makes them really difficult to be detected.

Processes and conditions of Earth’s interior 

With the help of this latest update, experts have been able to reach 53 events and this number is almost double compared to the one in the previous analysis on the matter.

The Borexino detector is located 1,400 meters below the Earth’s surface in the Gran Sasso massif near Rome.

It’s been reported that the results offer an exclusive insight into the processes and conditions in the planet’s interior that have remained puzzling so far.

Long story short: the planet is shining even if we cannot see this with the naked eye, and the reason is geoneutrinos. These are produced in the radioactive decay processes that take place in the interior of the planet.

Every second, about 1 million of these particles are penetrating every square centimeter of the planet’s surface.

Borexino detector analyzes ghostly particles 

The Borexino detector is one of the few detectors in the world which is able to observe these ghostly particles that we described above.

Phys.or cites an expert opinion and revealed that “Geoneutrinos are the only direct traces of the radioactive decay that occur inside the Earth, and which produce an as yet unknown portion of the energy driving all the dynamics of our planet,” explains Livia Ludhova, one of the two current scientific coordinators of Borexino.

Experts have been analyzing the internal heat of Earth for more than 200 years.

“The hypothesis that there is no longer any radioactivity at depth in the mantle can now be excluded at the 99% confidence level for the first time. This makes it possible to establish lower limits for uranium and thorium abundances in the Earth‘s mantle,” according to Ludhova.

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