Sky Attack: Trio Of Space Rocks Flames The Skies

If you were in the upper atmosphere over Europe the night before, and you could see things from above, then you couldn’t have missed what happened on the night sky.

You may have even thought that the continent was under attack by aliens just in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic that’s torturing the planets and keeping people inside these days. The global crisis continues, and it’s expected to get even worse, so brace yourselves.

Three meteorites light up the skies over Europe 

It’s been revealed by CNET that three meteorites have been spotted burning up in the atmosphere over Belgium and Germany just a few hours of each other. The first two of the space rocks lit up the skies over Belgium in less than an hour.

They were spotted by the French Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network (FRIPON), which includes an all-sky camera in Brussels.

NASA’s CAMS meteor detection network was also able to see the meteors. It’s important to note the fact that the third fireball of the evening over southern Germany was seen by various people who remained shocked by the image.

Bits of space debris collide with the atmosphere, and the result is such a show that we just described above.

Smaller bits that are the size of pebbles are able to create dimmer and more fleeting shooting stars that are associated with meteor showers. On the other hand, according to the online publication mentioned above, bigger pieces have the ability to create some pretty amazing fireballs.

It’s been also revealed that these space risks might have the very same history since they were spotted over the same part of the globe during the same evening.

We recommend that you check out the post of the International Meteor Organization in order to learn the complete details of this unexpected event.

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