Snake Venom Is Made In Snakes’ Glands, And One Scientist Follows The Same Process To Produce It

Hans Clever is one of the few people who produce blobs of the same toxic coming from the venom glands of the snakes. We know that the snake venom is toxic and sometimes lethal, but at the same time could be a useful weapon or elixir for us as well.

Clever came with the idea ten years ago when he tested the stem cells from the mouse’s gut. The stem cells from mice with a mix of chemicals can produce organoids. The organoids could help us in the future to create full organs.

As we mentioned above, Clevers have done some testing on the stems acquired from mice and realized organoids, which are practically miniature versions of mature and full organs. Starting from this discovery, a lot of laboratories have done the same thing and began to produce organoids for different organs.

They realized stomach, livers, kidneys, retinas, lungs, and brains. This was possible only with stem cells from humans or mice, so some students wanted to do it with something else. Clevers students, Yorick Post, Jens Puschhof, and Joep Beumer, were the ones that thought to create organoids from other species, and they decided on the snake venom.

How to produce snake venom just like snakes do

The scientists started with an egg of a Cape Coral snake and begun the experiment. The idea was to remove the embryo from the venom gland. After that, they had to extract the cells and go on with the traditional protocol for the organoid procedure.

The work done by the three students was in secret without Clever’s knowledge. They feared that if they are telling to their professor, the answer will be no. Moreover, what they have done differently was at the growing part of the organoids.

The students used a low temperature for growth and not the 98 degrees Fahrenheit. The experiment worked, and now they can realize organoids from different species. After growing a little, they can extract the venom from the small white balloons, which has the same proteins as the real one.

To sum up, having this discovery made by Clevers’ team will save hundreds of lives, especially when we think about the snakebites. Unfortunately, we have low founding for the venom, snakes, and the antivenin. So the work of the boys could represent essential knowledge, data, and resource for the world’s biggest health crisis.

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