Solar Breakthrough: Never-Before-Seen Image Of The Sun Is Out

The largest solar telescope in the world reveals the first detailed image of the sun. This is definitely a scientific breakthrough.

The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) is the world’s largest solar telescope. The device managed to capture its first image of the sun. This is the highest-resolution image of the star so far, and it’s been taken last month.

This new amazing image is showing small magnetic structures in extremely great detail. This can shed a lot of light on the active sun.

Unique resolution and sensitivity 

The telescope unique’s resolution and sensitivity will be allowing it to probe the sun’s magnetic field for the very first time while it’s studying the activities that are driving the space weather in our neighborhood.

This device will also be able to delve into one of the most interesting solar mysteries – the question of why the sun’s corona or outer layer is hotter than the visible surface will maybe get its answer.

“These are the highest-resolution images and movies of the solar surface ever taken,” Inouye director Thomas Rimmele stated during a news conference about a week ago. He continued and said: “Up to now, we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.”

The power of this Solar Telescope is in its flexibility 

The telescope is meant to operate for 44 years, and this should cover two of the sun’s full 22-year solar cycles. The instruments that the telescope will be using will definitely change over time.

“The real power in the Inouye Solar Telescope is its flexibility, its upgradability,” experts said. “It’s like having a Swiss Army Knife to study the sun.”

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Speaking os Sun-related news, we recently reported that NASA has recently started to work together with the ESA (European Space Agency) to take the first pictures at the North and South poles of our Sun.

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