Solar Panels By GCL System Are The Most Powerful In The World

Solar Panel

The world’s biggest solar-panel manufacturing plant is going to be built soon. Chinese manufacture plans do just that, and the results will be magnificent. The solar panels will have a tremendous capacity that will able to sustain at least half of global demand.

The Chinese company is called GCL System Integration Technology Co, and its goal is massive. The company will invest a considerable amount of money in this project, about 2.54 billion dollars. The facility will be located in the eastern Hefei province, and the results look very promising.

The solar panels will be able to produce about 60 gigawatts every year, announced the company on March 27. However, when this happens, we don’t know. There is no specific timeline at the moment, but the Chinse company will probably not lose too much time waiting.

More about the GCL System’s solar panels

GCL System’s goal is to double up the number of gigawatts produced at the moment. The company was able to achieve the 30 gigawatts ever since 2019; however, with the upcoming solar-panels, they will be able to supply almost 51% of solar installations around the world. At the moment, the biggest solar-panel manufacturer is JinkoSolar Holding Co, and they can produce only 16 gigawatts.

GCL System manufacturer has bigger plans, but only the final result will count. The industry of the solar panels is going to suffer as more manufactures decided to expend their boundaries. GCL System will take things slowly with the investment of 5 billion yuan in the beginning to reach a 15 gigawatts capacity. Another three phases will follow after if the first phase is a success.

The new demand is to have larger solar panels, and the company wants to offer just that. GCL System plans to build the new facility from their funds and loans, which means on their own power.

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