Solar Storm Might Hit Earth On March 29th, Scientists Warned

Researchers are underlining the imminent happening of a solar storm, which would eventually hit Planet Earth. The Northern lights are going to be visible on Sunday, proving the presence of the space storm.

This phenomenon was caused by the appearance of a small hole on Sun’s surface, situated in the southern hemisphere. The gap allowed an impressive amount of solar particles to reach the Milky Way and being attracted to Earth’s gravity. In the meantime, the particles must travel the 150 million kilometer journey between Sun and Earth. The arrival date is March 29th.

Space Weather, a cosmic forecasting site, has already advertised the phenomena. There is stated the fact that when the solar particles reach Earth’s magnetic field and consequently the atmosphere, auroras Borealis will be visible to the human eye all around the Arctic Circle. Southern and Northern lights are stunning colored lights, being in reality particles deflected by the atmosphere.

The solar storm will produce Northern Lights auroras

Even though this phenomenon is a stunning representation, it can also endanger our planet. The particles are incredibly high in solar radiation, which can go further than the two poles, threatening the world. Earth’s magnetic field facilitates our planet’s protection. However, satellite-based technology could be profoundly affected by these kinds of storms.

The solar winds cause the expansion of the outer atmosphere, where various satellites can get way too heated. Therefore, the lack of communication from GPS navigation, satellite TV, or mobile phone service can be directly affected.

In extreme cases, a solar storm can cause electric explosions in power stations and loss of power for an indefinite period. This is mainly caused by the high currents forming in the magnetosphere. Although this event happens on rare occasions, it has a huge impact. The Carrington Event in 1859 makes no exception to this. It is referred to as the moment in history when all the telegraph systems went down, and several power buildings went on fire.

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