Solar Winds Are Ten Times Hotter Than Initially Believed, New Research Revealed

solar winds

Our planet is continuously experiencing solar winds coming from the star that we are orbiting. Even though this phenomenon is normal, there is a slight change in its normal behavior. Scientists have observed that solar winds seem to be hotter than regularly.

Typically, the particles responsible for creating the plasma of the Sun’s heliosphere should cool down as they spread in the Universe. What is problematic is that the particles are now dropping temperatures slower than it is normal.

The solar wind was discovered back in 1959, and ever since then, scientists did not cease to study its phenomena. Physicist Stas Boldyrev for the University of Wisconsin-Madison has declared that a couple of properties of plasma are still not understood by researchers.

The new study on solar winds

Initially, scientists have declared that the temperature of the particles cool down as they reach the Universe. Measurements from satellites are showing that this common belief is misleading and that the particles are ten times hotter than typically believed. The researchers have examined this problem, and they currently think that the problem is caused by a wide range of electrons that are trapped in Sun’s grip.

The environment is governed by an enormous number of electrons that bounce back and forth, determining the phenomena called “trapped electrons.” Boldyrev analyzed this occurrence in a laboratory simulated environment utilizing a mirror machine. These fusion devices are composed of magnetic traps and mirrors, where the particles situated inside can be reflected again.

The results of this study demonstrated that the data produced by the telescopes are real and should be taken into consideration. In addition to this, this study can explain the decline of temperatures. This study shows that the solar phenomena might be worth studying, providing essential data in the formation and evolution of solar winds.

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