Something Could Trigger Violent Kilauea Volcano Explosive Eruptions

Satellite images have the result of a lava lake that collapsed on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano and revealed a massive new lake of water.

The new lake formed as a result of the caledra – a crater called Halema’uma’u, collapsing at Kilauea’s peak.

Gizmodo revealed that now that the crater has filled with water, a possibility is that it may lead to even more explosive eruptions on the Hawaiian volcano.

Kilauea is a volcano that’s 4,091-foot-tall and it erupted from 1983 until 2018. Starting from 2010, Halema’uma’u became filled with lava, and this resulted in a lava lake, as Gizmodo reported.

The online publication also made sure to point out to the fact that 2018 marked a months-long wave of activity at Kilauea, “setting off a destructive eruption expelling nearly a cubic kilometer of lava that flowed through inhabited areas and into the ocean.”

The event mentioned above was the largest eruption of Kilauea that’s been recorded in two centuries.

After the eruption, there was the massive collapse of Halema’uma’u’s floor and this left a hole of more than 1,500 feet deep; the lava was draining out.

Bad news regarding Kilauea eruptions 

This changes the landscape of the crater and it now appears to be much deeper and it’s also flanked by a tall cliff as well.

The story doesn’t end there as the water started to collect at the bottom of the crater – now, it’s a lake that 100 feet deep and it takes up an area of about five football fields, reveals a NASA Earth Observatory press release.


Gizmodo also notes that the crater dipped far below the water table – this is the upper limit where the Earth is saturated in groundwater.

The important thing worth noting is the fact that all this might mean bad news regarding Kilauea eruptions.

The volcano erupts explosively, and if water dissolves into the magma, it could lead to the build-up to steam. This would probably result in increased pressure and a massive release of lava.

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