Space Anomaly Could Allow The Discovery Of Millions Hidden Black Holes Around Milky Way

It’s been revealed that millions of black holes that could be hidden around the Milky Way could be found by some astronomers who are analyzing a deep space anomaly.

You already know by now that the gravitational tug of a black hole is so powerful that even light is not able to escape, and this makes the whole black whole analysis a really tricky issue.

Until now, experts have been able to detect just a few black holes in the Milky Way galaxy. But it’s been reported that there’s a team of astronomers in Poland who could very well be on the verge of a revolutionary discovery, and this is thanks to an anomaly called Gaia16aye.

What is the Gaia16aye anomaly?

Gaia16aye is a binary star system where a star that’s about half the mass of the Sun is joined by a smaller star as well. reveals that Dr. Łukasz Wyrzykowski of the University of Warsaw’s Astronomical Observatory, says that the binary system is too faint to be seen from our planet.

On the other hand, the experts and his colleagues have used so-called gravitational microlensing to observe the stars for the very first time.

This massive discovery could someday allow astronomers to detect potentially hundreds of millions of black holes in the galaxy, black holes that used to be unseen.

Dr. Wyrzykowski had this to say for the Polish Press Agency (PAP): “Thanks to our research and observations, we have been able to see something that is normally invisible – a system of stars that is not emitting a lot of light.”

Huge black holes are lurking in dwarf galaxies 

Speaking of black holes, at the beginning of the year, we reported that there are some huge black holes that lurk in dwarf galaxies.

Experts expect that the black holes in such small galaxies to have about 400,000 the mass of our Sun.

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