Space Tourists Can Fly To The ISS Next Year – Here’s How Much A Seat Reportedly Costs

Last month, we were reporting that space enthusiasts are living their best days.

SpaceX has already begun selling tickets for space enthusiasts. The tourists will be able to travel to space on the same type of probe that will fly NASA astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

By teaming up with the space tourism agency Space Adventures, four tickets were available in February for purchase to fly further than the ISS in the Crew Dragon capsule.

SpaceX seals a deal with Axiom

Anyway, now Engadget notes that that the private space company Axiom sealed a partnership with SpaceX to fly paying tourists to the ISS as soon as the second half of 2021.

The deal involves the fact that SpaceX will be using its Crew Dragon capsule to take three tourists and also an Axion staff member to the ISS. This member will be making sure that the three people are not interfering with the NASA crew members doing their daily job.

Axim is the company that NASA had previously chosen to build the space station’s very first commercial destination module.

It’s also worth noting that the company of Elon Musk originally developed this capsule to take astronauts to space from the US.

The mission will last ten days, and a seat costs $55 million

The Axiom mission is scheduled to last for ten days, and two days are meant for traveling to and from the ISS.

The New York Times revealed that a seat would cost $55 million and one person has already signed up.

Axiom CEO Michael Suffredini stated the following as cited by the online publication Engadget:

“This history-making flight will represent a watershed moment in the march toward universal and routine access to space. This will be just the first of many missions to ISS to be completely crewed and managed by Axiom Space — a first for a commercial entity. Procuring the transportation marks significant progress toward that goal, and we’re glad to be working with SpaceX in this effort.”

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