Space Travel Affects The Brain

A study is trying to determine how the human brain is affected by space travel. It is commonly believed that spending time in the outer space has severe implications for the social psychology, as well as on the health.

This hypothesis was made ever since the humanity started sending people in the Universe for research purposes. The Twins Study delivered several theories that demonstrate how the human body changes after time spent in the outer space.

A recent analysis is showing the impact of the space’s atmosphere on the human brain. The unusual effects can affect the astronauts’ eyesight, which has severe consequences for a long time. A vast majority of astronauts have declared vision problems after completing their missions in the outer space.

The medical expertise reports that the optic nerves swell and in some cases, the astronauts face retinal hemorrhage, as well as various other changes to the structure of their eyes.

Space Travel Affects The Brain

The changes may be caused by an increasingly high intracranial pressure during the spaceflight that increases the microgravity tremendously. The study that demonstrates this fact was lead by Dr.Larry Kramer from the University of Texas Health Science Center.

That study involved 11 astronauts that performed brain magnetic resonance imaging. The MRI scan was completed before the astronauts left the atmosphere and one year after they came back. The scans demonstrated that the swells surrounding the brain and the spinal cord increased their volume while exposed to microgravity.

The effects of microgravity can affect the astronaut for a long time after his return on Earth. Kramer claims that this phenomenon occurs because, in the outer space travel, the blood that should reach the extremities is now directed to the head. This experience is highly unlikely to happen on Earth unless you stand on your hands. Therefore, the primary focus is to determine how to reduce these negative impacts on health.

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