Space Travel Changes The Brain In Strange, Unusual Ways

It seems that spending time in space can change the human brain a lot. Experts have been exploring the ways in which spaceflight can affect both the human health and physiology. brings up the mind-blowing Twins Study, which revealed various ways in which space changes the human body and even the gene expression.

Astronauts suffered from impaired eyesight 

There’s a brand new study that is suggesting the fact that spaceflight could affect the human brain in some pretty unexpected ways, and these could even impair astronaut eyesight – the effects could also last for a really long time.

Astronauts have been reporting issues with their vision after being in space, and medical evaluations unveiled that astronauts’ optic nerves are swelling, and some of the astronauts even experience retinal hemorrhage and more structural changes to the eyes.

It’s also interesting to note the fact that experts have been suspecting that these vision issues are triggered by increased “intracranial pressure,” or pressure in the head, during spaceflight.

A brand new study led by Dr. Larry Kramer, a radiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, revealed evidence that this pressure is surging in microgravity.

MRI performed on astronauts show brain swelling 

The study involved performing an MRI on 11 astronauts before and after they traveled to space and for a year after they returned home.

The MRI images showed that with long-duration exposure to microgravity, the brain could swell and the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding he brain and spinal cord, increases in volume.

“These findings support the theory that spaceflight increases pressure in the head which researchers think could be tied to issues with astronaut vision,” Kramer told

We recommend that you head over to the original article in order to learn more details on the matter.

Also, make sure to check out the work which is described in a paper that’s been published the day before.

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