SpaceX Cargo Dragon Spacecraft Encounter a Solar Eclipse in Space

December 26th is the marking date when the second Dragon Cargo spacecraft encountered a solar eclipse. The spaceship was surprised by the shadow seen on Earth because of the solar eclipse. The Cargo Dragon started its journey on December 5th with the new Falco 9 Booster or B1059.

The spacecraft lifted B1059, which is carrying 2.600 kg of cargo for the ISS. Dragon Cargo has less than a week to return on Earth, where it will splash in the Pacific Ocean.

After the launching, the spacecraft traveled three days until it reaches the International Space Station. There, the astronauts captured the spaceship with the famous robotic arm used, mainly for these kinds of maneuvers.

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft and the Solar Eclipse

The Dragon was supplying the ISS with food, equipment, consumables, and other science items. However, the Falcon 9 B1059 is finally having its first successful landing, and thanks to the success it had on this first mission, it will participate in the future NASA’s missions.

Besides this, if everything goes according to plans, Falcon 9 B1059 can return in space with the Cargo Dragon to supply the next supply for the ISS in March 2020. Moreover, the Dragon started the supply mission for the International Space Station in December 2010 alongside CRS-19.

CRS-19 was the second spacecraft from SpaceX, which succeeded in the space mission, launching and returning in one piece on Earth. The official Dragon Cargo’s mission was five months ago, even if the spacecraft was traveling from Earth to the ISS for more than a year and a half.

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