SpaceX Crew Dragon Could Get Astronauts To The ISS Next Year

It’s been just reported that SpaceX Crew Dragon could start dropping tests on the new parachutes the very next week.

Jim Bridenstine answeres questions for the media 

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has reportedly stopped by SpaceX headquarters in California and there he made a Q&A with the media while he was standing next to the famous Elon Musk and two astronauts as well.

The interesting video has been posted on NASA admin’s Twitter account and there, you can see the entire session.

Engadget reported that some of the important and aty the same time exciting things that were mentioned during this Q&A session were highlighting the need for more testing.

More than that, it was also said that schedules should change depending on what they would find over there.

The exciting conclusion was that the capsule could be ready for the very first crewed Demo-2 test flight in the first quarter of 2020 which is pretty soon, sooner than expected anyway.

Drop tests are about to start

The online publication mentioned above also revealed that Musk said that the drop tests are about to start and they will be evaluating the Mark 3 parachute design which replaced the nylon cords with a much stronger xylon material.

The explosion on the test stand which took place earlier this year was also brought up and Musk said that if things don’t fail at some point than this means that you are definitely not trying hard enough.

You can check out the tweet below and see the video for yourselves.

People were excited, but they also had all kinds of funny comments to leave under the video.

For instance, someone said: “Does anyone else think it is funny that they each “dressed” for each other? We can all relate to that awkward moment when you dress up for a date and he shows up in jeans. Maybe it’s a good sign they tried to impress each other!”

A follower addressed the quality of the streaming: “for the love of god use a proper streaming platform and maybe a cell phone with more than 1 bar of signal so we can see something more than 480p.”

Someone else responded: “Or let Tim livestream it with his magic router machine that actually works? (assuming it works inside a rocket factory, which maybe it wouldn’t either).”

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