SpaceX Project For Space Internet Harms Space Observation

Observations of possibly harmful space objects could be missed due to space disorder. Satellite launches scheduled by SpaceX or Amazon threatens to ruin the view of the night’s sky from our planet, according to the latest warning from astronomers.

Many micro-satellites are planned to launch next year as part of missions to transport unlimited internet access. Such a thing will be realized via constellations of low Earth orbit satellites. Their appearance could disrupt radio emissions utilized for observing the universe. Also, it could interrupt images from optical telescopes.

SpaceX Project For Space Internet Harms Space Observation

Dhara Patel, an astronomer from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, detailed: “These satellites are about the size of a table, but they’re very reflective, and their panels reflect lots of the sun’s light, which means that we can see them in images that we take with telescopes.” She also added: “These satellites are also big radio wave users…and that means they can interfere with the signals that astronomers are using.”

Dr.Dave Clements explained the constellations as a struggle that could show harmful if they block observations of Earth-joined space objects. Dr.Clements is an astrophysicist from Imperial College London.

He stated: “They present a foreground between what we’re observing from the Earth and the rest of the universe, so they get in the way of everything.” Some have shown concerns about the effect the satellites will provide, with Olivier Hainaut, an astronomer from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Germany, detailing that it would only harm almost 0.8 % of their telescopes’ observations.

SpaceX’s Space Internet Plans

One of the most arduous projects for a space-based internet is the Starlink mission by Elon Musk. SpaceX has already launched 60 satellites of a total of 12,000-powerful satellite network, a few months ago.

After they were launched into orbit, their trace indicated almost 100 UFO reports to the UFO Meldpunt. SpaceX, however, did not answer right away to a demand for comment about the astronomers’ worries. It noted after the first bunch of Starlink satellites initiated that they would be noticeable.

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