SpaceX Revealed The First Batch Of Data On The Recent Crew Dragon Abort Test

The Crew Dragon abort test took place on January 19, and on-site observations inferred that everything went well. Data collected from the text mentions that the SuperDraco engines were fired up without any problems and propelled the spacecraft away from the Falcon 9 rocket.

It is now clear that the Crew Dragon can carry the astronauts to safety if a significant security incident takes place. For example, if a rocket failure is detected, the Crew Dragon will be propelled away and land safely via a parachute-powered splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean.

This was the final test before the certification for being usable by astronauts. The takeoff took place from the Kenney Space Center in Florida, and it was carried into the air by a Falcon 9 rocket, as in the case of a real mission.

After 85 seconds, the escape maneuvers were initiated while the SpaceX rocket was climbing at a speed of 1,200 miles per hour (or 536 meters per second).

SpaceX Revealed The First Batch Of Data On The Recent Crew Dragon Abort Test

During the abort sequence, the first stage engines of the rocket were shut down as the SuperDraco engines were being primed and ignited.

At full power, the SuperDraco thrusters produced almost 130,000 pounds of thrust, more than enough to push the spacecraft away from the top of the Falcon 9 rocket despite a peak acceleration of 3.3.Gs.

The Falcon 9 rocket was destroyed by the aerodynamic forces, an event that was anticipated by SpaceX engineers. Crew Dragon was designed from the ground up to be able to escape a rocket even if hostile events take place without warning.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk stated during a press conference that Crew Dragon could withstand the explosion of a booster even if it happens before the escape event. The capsule was recovered in less than nine hours after launch. NASA should clear the Dragon Crew for operation after a series of minor tests will take place during spring.

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