SpaceX Starlink Satellites Offer a Surprising Spectacle


Stargazers from all over the world have enjoyed a surprising spectacle as the SpaceX Starlink satellites have been observed on the night sky in the last few days.

The controversial satellites have been launched by SpaceX as a part of the Starlink initiative, which aims to provide access to an affordable internet across the world, with a focus on remote areas where conventional connections cannot be used.

Elon Musk, the CEO of the company, has stated that more than 12,000 satellites will be placed in orbit during the first stage of the project, as the efficiency and quality of the service will be tested. If the results are satisfying, the number could grow up to 42,000 satellites as long as the required approvals will be obtained.

SpaceX Launched Other Starlink Satellites

After they reached the desired position, the satellites will form a mega-constellation, which should be able to provide access to the internet from all over the globe. Batches of up to 60 satellites are released from on a regular basis an join the other satellites in orbit.

Many stargazers have observed the bright lines on the sky as the satellites follow a low orbit and seen to be considerably brighter in comparison to regular stars. They can be observed easily with the naked eye as they appear in the form of long chains of light on the night sky.

As they move, they appear similar to shooting stars but follow a regular pattern. A large number of websites will display the time during which they can be seen in a specific area, but good spotting skills will be needed to catch them, especially if clouds are also clouds present.

Some astronomers have complained that the satellites can hinder the task of exploring the space due to the intense brightness, but SpaceX argued that the disruption is minimal, and it will vanish completely when the proper orbit trajectory is established.

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