SpaceX To Send NASA Astronauts To Space In Q2 2020, Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk said recently that SpaceX is planning to send NASA astronauts to space between April and June this year.

The mission is called Demo-2, and it will have the crew fly to the ISS for a few days.

It’s been also revealed that SpaceX managed to complete a successful uncrewed test of the Crew Dragon capsule’s in-flight launch escape capabilities during this past weekend.

The important event was streamed live yesterday, as you can see in this tweet below.

The crewed mission’s hardware, to be ready by the end of Q1

Elon Musk spoke to the press following this test, and he said that the firm is expecting the crewed mission’s hardware to be ready by the end of Q1:

“We’re highly confident that the hardware will be ready in Q1, most likely at the end of February but no later than March. And we think it appears probable that the first crewed launch would occur in the second quarter,” Musk said.

NASA was initially planning to send astronauts for about two weeks, but it seems that now, the space agency is considering keeping them in the International Space Station for a more extended duration in order to conduct research.

The Next Web writes that NASA’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine, said that a more extended mission would also be involving more training for the crew as well.

“If it’s going to be a longer duration, then we have to have some additional training for our astronauts to actually be prepared to do things on the International Space Station that we weren’t planning to have that initial test crew necessarily do. So we’ve got to look at that and make a determination,” he explained.

The same website mentioned above notes that Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will be traveling to the ISS, and they said that they were really excited to see just how everything was going as planned.

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