SpaceX Was Selected to Transport Cargo for NASA’s Lunar Gateway Station


NASA chose the SpaceX company as the first supplier of space-based logistics. Musk’s space company will transport experiment stuff, supplies and cargo to its lunar Gateway. The news was announced on March 27.

SpaceX will become one of the space companies that NASA can ask for help when it needs things delivers by spaceship between Earth and various space destinations. The equipment sent will orbit the Moon and offer a staging ground for upcoming crewed Moon projects. SpaceX will help not only with NASA’s Artemis Moon missions but with NASA’s plans of reaching Mars, too.

SpaceX and NASA Teams Up For Upcoming Projects

NASA intends to liftoff lots of cargo supply missions to the Gateway Station. The Gateway must be constructed first, with spaceship developed to reach the station and stay there for up to almost 12 months at a time. The total worth of the contracts will be approximately $7 billion for the entire agreement. There will be an assured minimum of two missions/suppliers, too.

Other suppliers will most likely be chosen, but NASA selected the SpaceX company first to be signed under that contract. Such a thing is another record of SpaceX, which a few months later was contracted by NASA again to transport regular supply stuff to the ISS in Earth orbit utilizing its Dragon cargo spaceship.

SpaceX is getting ready to liftoff the upcoming version of its Dragon spaceship dubbed “Dragon XL,” to ensure those missions. They would transport up to five metric tons to the Moon-orbiting station. Falcon Heavy will be used to perform a liftoff from Earth. However, the tasks are currently under development, and we’ll have to wait for a little bit more to find out the full details. The current project is scheduled for liftoff by 2022.

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