SpaceX Will Blow Up A Falcon 9 Rocket To Prove Its Safety For The Crew Dragon Capsule

Yesterday was the day when SpaceX sent its Falcon 9 rocket from the Launch Complex 39A, the Kennedy Space Center into space. The rocket won’t leave alone, because a Crew Dragon capsule will be attached to it.

The same thing and components will leave the Earth later this year for a mission to the International Space Station, but it will include astronauts on board. The plan is to send the first astronauts on a mission to the ISS. the mission will happen with the help of Falco 9 rocket and the Cred Dragon capsule and to succeed.

However, we are talking only about a test right now, so the Falcon 9’s engines will be off after one minute and a half after the launch. Going on with the plan, the Crew Dragon will start to separate from the rocket as well. When the mission happens for real, the rocket and the capsule will travel together for 1.000 miles per hour and will separate after a while.

New SpaceX Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon test will take place today

The plan is that both will go through the stratosphere even after the separation and then return to Earth. Besides, at the landing, the rocket will rip to shreds and land into the Atlantic Ocean. The Crew Dragon will land with a parachute on the Ocean.

Elon Musk’s company and the team tried to find a way to save the rocket from destruction, but they can’t. If you are interested to see the abort-test, it starts at 8 A.M E.T. the purpose of the test is primarily to show the world and to NASA that SpaceX can get the astronauts to safety in case of an event at the launch.

Finally, NASA’s opinion is that these kinds of events at launch don’t happen quite often. But when it happens, it is good to be prepared; such was the case of the 2018 event with two astronauts on board. Fortunately, the abort system worked, and the American and the Russian returned to Earth safely.

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