SpaceX’s Starship SN8 Prepares for Test Series

SpaceX continues its highly-ambitious plans when it comes to cosmic space. Not only that Elon Musk’s agency is involved in Starlink satellite, but it’s now focusing its attention towards the Starship SN8 prototype vehicle. An interesting test campaign is awaiting SpaceX’s spacecraft.

SN8 will be engaged in a test flight of 50,000 feet, and three Raptor engines will be mounted. SN8 will be conducting a tag-team of tests with two other spacecraft known as SN9 and SN10. SN8 began rolling out from the Production Facility to the Launch Site. Preparations are expected to begin in a few weeks.

SN8 will be filled with Liquid Nitrogen at ambient and cryogenic temperatures.

Electric motors

Elon Musk declared:

“We just need enough height to test body flaps and drawing propellant from headers versus main tanks. Will do several flights to confirm working well, then add heat shield and go high Mach,”

“The flaps are now directly driven by electric motors with a gearbox! No more hydraulics.”

The heat shield material has been installed on a test ring at the Production Facility. As for the Liquid Oxygen Header Tank, it’s located inside the nosecone. The Liquid Methane Header Tank is located in the Common Bulkhead.

SpaceX continues to draw attention also for its Starlink constellation that will be deploying a total of 12,000 satellites into space for providing broadband internet connections across the world.

A new research funded by the US Army has shown that the Starlink constellation could have another purpose: serving as a low-cost and accurate alternative to GPS. Although plenty of scientists are worried that too many satellites sent into the orbit would jeopardize space exploration from Earth, Elon Musk is sure that it won’t be the case. Besides, there are currently 2,666 satellites that are already revolving the Earth.

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