Strange Disease Affects Kids, Possibly Linked To COVID-19

In recent weeks, several children have been brought to intensive care units as they presented symptoms similar to shock. Reportedly, a strange disease linked to COVID-19 affects children.

Healthcare officials have released the first alert from New York. They have mentioned that patients age between 2 to 15 were diagnosed with multiple organ inflammation and symptoms associated with the Kawaski disease, a childhood illness that doesn’t have clear origins. Sixty-four cases had been identified by May 6. Similar cases have been observed in the UK, as the patients faced a mixture of symptoms from the Kawasaki disease and the toxic show syndrome.

The ties to the Kawasaki disease could be premature as there are also some differences between the illnesses. In some laboratories, researchers have been hard at work on the observations related to the immune response on the body and the antibodies that are released to counter the illness in the case of children. The creation of an effective vaccine is the primary goal.

A strange disease is affecting children as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads

As the number of unusual cases started to grow, some researchers have begun to run a new selection of tests as they wish to see if the immune system reacts similarly to both coronavirus and the Kawasaki disease.

The Kawasaki disease is classified as an inflammatory health problem encountered among children, as it leads to prolonged fever, inflamed lips, and mouth, rashes across the body, sore eyes, swelled hands and feet, and inflammation of the lymph node that is visible on one side of the neck. In some cases, only a few of the symptoms are present.

It is not known what causes the strange Kawasaki disease. However, a selection of suitable culprits has been proposed in the past, among which fungi, bacteria, select environmental conditions, and other coronaviruses, such as COVID-19, have been present. More information could be released in the future as research will take place.

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