Studies Demonstrate That Vitamins Have No Effect Whatsoever

Most people still believe that adding vitamins to their diet will have any kind of benefits. There are special cases where people should take vitamins, such as those that do not get sufficient sun, definitely lacking vitamin D. Numerous research has also demonstrated that vegans may benefit from consuming vitamin B, but there is one thing we should not get deceived about.

Do You Actually Need Supplements?

Studies have shown that vitamins taken for general health are almost useless for the average American adult. Most people, though, get the necessary nutrients from their diets. And although some people do not have a healthy diet, vitamins were still demonstrated to have no effect on health.

According to numerous research, they have no definite effect on lifespanheart healthdisease prevention, or cognitive function. At most, they do not hurt or help, but they can engage in a negative way with certain medications.

The majority of vitamin manufacturers claim that they are only ‘filling the gaps’ of the average American’s diet. However, why should an individual concerned with their health, not just try and eat healthier? Healthy food has all the vitamins and nutrients a person would need, and it also provides a lot of micronutrients and more. And when we refer to healthy foods, we are talking about fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains, and so on.

There is no Proof Vitamins Actually Help People

There is nothing, as of yet, to suggest that vitamins enhance the health of the average person as researches are definite that improving your diet is as close to an ensured way to enhance your health as you can. Most Americans know this, but still, the dietary supplements sustain an industry that is worth $30 billion and keeps increasing. Studies demonstrated that at least half of American adults consume them.

Safi Khan, assistant clinical professor of medicine at West Virginia University, says that the majority of people choose vitamins without consulting a professional, thinking that will have ‘some kind of’ benefit.

“It has a more placebo effect than anything, and in that case, you’re wasting a lot of your money,” he says.

Having a Healthy Diet is All You Need

Khan was a senior author on a 2019 Johns Hopkins analysis of clinical trials in which approximately one million people participated, and discovered that supplements do not help prevent heart disease or put off death. The only two supplements that the research found might have real impacts were omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid for heart health and lower risk of stroke, respectively.

The study also suggests that most of us are likely getting sufficient folic acid from our diets through grans, as well as cereals.

“I really believe that nutritional deficiencies do exist, and there is a proper way to get it treated, but you need to get properly tested,” Khan says.

The end result is the same as it always was: eating a varied and healthy diet is a reliable, affordable way to get all the necessary nutrients if that doesn’t feel like enough, consult with a doctor.

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