Study: The Arctic Is Disappearing Right in Front of Our Eyes

An expedition from the University of Silesia has gone to the Polish Polar Station Hornsnund this year. This base is found on the Svalbard islands. We are talking about an island that’s placed within the polar circle. They went there by boat, and they wanted to study the effects of climate change on that region. Their discoveries have left scientists and researchers in shock and have raised a lot of questions about the impact of global warming.

Dominik Cyran is one of the explorers, and he has spoken about their discoveries. As per him, the water temperatures in those region showed unsettling readings, even if there’s cold on the surface. They went hundreds of miles by boat, and they dropped probes into the water. The temperatures were much higher than they usually thought.

He proceeded to say that what they discovered has even surprised their professor. The temperature of the water was of seven degrees Celsius. It should have generally been of 4 degrees.

The team will not publish the findings for a year, but these discoveries are quite worrying. Dominik Cyran said that they would continue to monitor the region for an entire full year in order to study the processes that lead to the forming of glaciers. This process involves a timelapse – a year-long one, by some specialized camera which will be placed around that area.

As per NASA, the ice coverage from the Arctic is decreasing, and it is all because of humans and greenhouse warming. The ice is declining at a rate of about 12.8% every 20 years, and it is quite alarming in comparison with the 1981 and 2010 data.


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