Stunning Time-Lapse Image Was Captured by the International Space Station

A stunning image captured by an astronaut on board of the International Space Station (ISS) took our breath as soon as we saw it. The capture, an astonishing time-lapse image is, in fact, a combination of several photographs taken by the ISS camera systems.

Multiple captures were merged to create an awesome star, weather, traffic, and even events like thunderstorms and wildfires trail image. All these elements have added to the colorful and breathtaking collection of light that fills the frame.

According to NASA, the time-lapse was designed from a total of 400 photographs taken over the course of 11 minutes as the ISS traveled across Namibia and towards the Red Sea.

NASA astronaut Christina Koch, who shares her experiences on the International Space Station on her Twitter page, and who recently took part in the first all-women spacewalk, managed to capture the impressive images.

The circular striations in the capture are star-trails, and the thinner specked lines with darker orange nuances are fires burning across Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Further on the north side of the image, one can see thunderstorms hiding large portions of central Africa.

As per NASA, one of the most stunning features of the captured images put together are the star trails surrounding the background around an area that can be seen in the upper corner of the image.

“This point is essentially normal (perpendicular) to the ISS orbital plane, directly out of the port side of the vehicle based on the spacecraft silhouettes,” said Matthew Osvog of NASA Johnson Space Center’s ISS Flight Operations Pointing console, in a statement.

The dim tracing found in the upper atmosphere that has hues of green and yellow is known as ‘airglow.​’ This stunning faint tracing is seen above the horizon in the image posted on NASA’s Twitter page.

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