Subway Surfers – Tips And Tricks You Need To Know in 2020

Subway Surfers is one of the top mobile games of all time.

We’ve all seen somebody play the game at least once, and many of us have a friend who’s addicted to it. The game is simple, fun, the art style is charming, and it can quickly get you hooked up on it!

If you are trying to get better at the game, we are here with tips and tricks that can help you!

Staying Up

Navigating through the dangerous in-game tracks requires lots of running, jumping, and dashing. However, many people overlook the fact that staying atop the trains is the smartest strategy.

When you jump across trains mid-air, the player moves diagonally, which won’t get you too far distance-wise but will increase your chances of survival.


The hoverboards are very cool. They are worth spending coins on. They last for 30 seconds but go away the moment you get hit.

There are many varieties of hoverboards in-game, each with an impressive look.

Make sure you make the most out of hoverboards as they can significantly boost your performance.


Powerups are crucial. The most useful ones are coin magnet and the jetpack.

You must grab as many coins as possible during the initial moments of the game.

As for the jetpack, it will help you get more coins while also keeping you out of harm’s way.

The 2X multiplier works wonders with either of the two powerups. Try to upgrade it and reach the x30 multiplier!

Move Combinations

Here are the most useful combos for close calls:

“– Jump + Right or Jump + Right + Right = Dash to the right while in mid-air

– Jump + Left or Jump + Left + Left = Dash to the left while in mid-air

– Jump + Roll = Cancels your Jump then instantly goes into a Roll

– Roll + Jump = Cancels your Roll then instantly goes into a Jump.”

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