Supermassive Black Holes Could Host Enormous Planetary Systems

A recent article in Forbes describes a sci-fi world that can blow anyone’s mind. How would it be like to see a supermassive black hole above your head instead of our brilliant Sun?

A black-hole world? 

The website mentions that even though this seems like a scenery from a sci-fi movie, there’s brand new research that found out that such a black-hole world could actually exist.

Planets are commonly formed around younger stars, and as a star is born within a stellar nebula, a disk of gas and dust is forming around it.

Some of the dust in the disk clumps to form young planets, and it’s been also revealed that over time, the heat of the star clears the region and leaves a system of exoplanets orbiting this star.

Forbes also notes the following: “accretion disks of gas and dust also form around supermassive black holes. For very active, quasar-like black holes, so much light, and heat are produced that the accretion disk is too hot for planets to form.”

They continued and wrote that “for less active black holes, known as low-luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) a dusty torus of gas can form, similar to the protoplanetary disks around young stars.”

Team of experts analyzes low-luminosity AGNs

It’s been reported that a team of experts has recently analyzed the idea and found out that low-luminosity AGNs could very well provide their surrounding disks with enough heat to allow dust particles to collide.

Over time, these clumps could form into planets that are ten times more massive compared to Earth.

The forming speed of planets reportedly depends on the mass of the black hole. Forbes also notes that if we consider the black hole that’s present into our galaxy, the timescale is of 100 million years.

You should check out the original article on Forbes to learn more.

In other black hole-related news, experts hope that the future of gravitational wave detection will be allowing them to be able to observe a mysterious type of black hole.

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