Terrible Government Warning Is Released: Magnitude 9 Earthquake, Causing A 100Ft Tsunami Off The Coast Of Japan Is “Imminent”

The Daily Mail hits its readers with the most terrible news amidst the already troubled times we live in.

It’s been reported that a devastating earthquake that could cause a tsunami of up to 100ft high across the east coast of Japan is “imminent,” according to government experts.

Experts reportedly researched soil samples from Japan’s northeast coast that are dating back 6.000 years in order to be able to make these predictions.

A massive tsunami struck the area every 300-400 years 

They found out that a massive tsunami had struck the region every 300 to 400 years, and the last one hit back in the 17th century. This means that one more is due before the end of the century, but they also made sure to highlight the fact that it’s impossible to say precisely when it will strike.

The devastation caused by the quake, which measured up to magnitude 9 would be at least as severe as the one back in 2011 which killed more than 15k people and triggered a massive meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

It’s been also revealed that the northern island of Hokkaido would be the most severe hit along with the northern part of Honshu, including the Fukushima plant – this would be submerged for the second time.

There would be a half an hour between the quake and the tsunami 

Seismologist Kenji Satake, the leader of this study mentioned above, said physical barriers would be useless against such a massive wave and the best defense would be to simply run.

More than that it’s been revealed that the government would have around half an hour between the quake and the wave hitting the shore in order to get the people somewhere safe.

For this study, experts had to analyze the impact of a really large earthquake hitting the Japan Trench or Kuril Trench, which scarred the seabed off the country’s east coast.

Check out more interesting details about this severe warning.

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