The Asian “Killer” Hornets Are Threatening the American Beekeepers

asian killer hornets

A deadly attack is threatening the United States of America, and it comes from Asia. For the first time in history, scientists have managed to find 2-inches Asian “killer” hornets on the American ground. The hives originate from Asia and are extremely dangerous to the bee colonies. A study regarding this matter was published on the New York Post on the 3rd of May.

The aggressive insects are commonly referred to as the “murder hornets” given the fact that they can tear apart any bee colony in just a matter of hours. In addition to this, their stingers are incredibly long, giving them the possibility to infect beekeeping suits, as reported in the research.

Moreover, these aggressive hornets kill approximately 50 people a year in Japan, as per The New York Times. Therefore, this matter makes the beekeepers worried about the upcoming future. The hornets have already started devastating hives in the state of Washington, showing that they are already forming colonies that might affect the whole country.

The Asian “Killer” Hornets Invaded The USA

A hornet is looking completely different from a normal bee. It has a cartoonish fierce appearance and eyes bearing a resemblance to Spider-Man. Its body is striped in black and orange, looking like a small dragonfly, given its texture that looks like one of a tiger.

Chris Looney, the Washington state entomologist, has declared during its interview with The Times that this is America’s only chance to prevent the bees from forming their ecosystem in the area. Should the authorities not act accordingly, the hornets will be part of the United States soon.

The Bellingham Herald has already started researching the inner workings of the dead bees in December 2019 with four reports, which were the first time the Asian “killer” hornets were spotted in America. Up until now, they have managed to install traps and are trying to monitor their behavior to kill them using invasive pests.

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