The Big Bang Theory Is In Crisis: Can It Be Dethroned?

As you know, the Big Bang Theory is the king of cosmology even though it was not always like this. Over the years, more evidence appeared, and for the most part, astronomers are saying that this is the best we have so far.

Still, there are lots of people who hate it and who find the idea that black holes, dark matter, and the whole cosmos being born in a millisecond outrageous.

Two astronomers are answering the questions and the criticism that they’re getting, according to the latest reports from Forbes.

This resulted in The Cosmic Revolutionary’s Handbook (Or: How to Beat the Big Bang), a book that reveals what any Big Bang theory-hater needs to explain before they can come up with a new theory.

“As cosmologists, our job is to explain the Universe as a whole—it’s structure, constituents and evolution,” according to Dr. Luke A. Barnes is a postdoctoral researcher at Western Sydney University.

Barnes continued and said, “People email us with their ideas about how the Universe works, and while we love their enthusiasm, we found ourselves sending the same kind of reply over and over again.”

Overthrowing the Big Bang Theory 

The book details a plan for overthrowing the Big Bang Theory and explains what any challenger needs to address before coming up with an alternative.

“If you want to challenge the Big Bang theory, you’d better be able to explain the basics before you have a shot at explaining mysteries like dark matter,” Barnes said.

The book addresses a lot of subjects about how the Big Bang Theory appeared, what’s wrong with it and so on.

We recommend that you check out Forbes’ original article, and you should also read the book mentioned above if you want to learn more details. On the other hand, the Big Bang Theory is the best theory we have so far about how the universe was born.

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