The Biggest Asteroid Expected To Fly Past Earth This Year, To Appear As A Slow-Moving Star In April

There’s a massive asteroid that’s expected to make a close pass by Earth in April. It’s considered “potentially hazardous” to astronomers, but the only show that it will be putting will be in the night sky.

The asteroid will make its approach on April 29

When the asteroid is making its close approach on April 29, it will pass by at a very safe distance of 4 million miles.

The space rock is still considered potentially hazardous because NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Studies classifies anything that’s reasonably bright and that comes within about 4.6 million miles of Earth to be as such, as CNET reveals.

This also means that there are a lot of potentially hazardous asteroids out there but on the other hand, none of them is a real hazard to humans.

The asteroid mentioned above is the biggest one that’s expected to fly by our planet in 2020 and the space rock will be visible in April to amateur astronomers as well.

“[Skywatchers] peering through telescopes will see it as a slow-moving ‘star,'” NASA solar system ambassador Eddie Irizarry writes for EarthSky.

“Observers with at least 6-inch or 8-inch telescopes (the number indicates the size of the primary mirror) will see the asteroid (very slowly) moving in front of the stars.”

Another asteroid to approach earth this month 

NASA has been analyzing a huge potentially hazardous asteroid that’s expected to approach our planet this month.

Ibtimes online publication reveals that this space rock is currently being monitored by NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS).

The asteroid has been identified as 2012 XA133. According to the space agency, this asteroid is currently traveling across space and moving toward our planet at a massive velocity of almost 53,000 miles per hour.

It’s also important to mention the fact that according to the latest data coming from CNEOS, the asteroid is about 1,280 feet.

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