The Coronavirus Is Airborne! A Serious Threat

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire on U.S. soil. Researchers are working overtime to learn how the coronavirus spreads between individuals.

Many factors come into play into epidemiologic research, and some of them are unknown yet, unfortunately.

However, one aspect of the virus is essential and should be remembered by everybody – The virus is airborne!

A Serious Threat

Initially, experts believed that the virus spread via droplets, like the ones that fly out of people’s mouths when they cough.

Time passed, more people got infected, and it became clear that coronavirus-infected people may or may not display common flu symptoms, though they still spread the virus.

Unfortunately, many people overlook that aspect, possibly out of misinformation.

A WHO Q&A page suggests that staying 3 feet away from each other and washing hands is enough to be safe from the virus, far from real.

Distancing and hygiene are critical, but they might be in vain since the virus spread via air. People exhale and inhale thousands of times each week. Inhaling air that carries the virus can be fatal, so wearing a mask can protect you.

Additionally, people should avoid getting coughed on or touching a surface and then their faces.

COVID-19 is very good at spreading through the air of indoor areas.

Tell everybody that COVID-19 is airborne! The outside is mostly safe for as long as you keep a distance, but encountering the virus in a poorly ventilated space is another thing.

Spreading The Word

It is crucial that you let everybody know that the novel coronavirus is airborne. Many people are confused because of the immense quantity of information surrounding the pandemic, and their knowledge and safety measures are mostly based on what they see on TV, and we know how some sources tend to be a bit biased.

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