The Earth’s Minimoon 2020 CD3 Is Gone In space

One cannot help himself to fall for unfulfilled love stories, even if the protagonists aren’t more than just rocks. Earth and its minimoon 2020 CD3 are their names. Not any kind of rock is in this situation, but we could get romantic and call them celestial bodies. But the story doesn’t end well, so we’ll see them for what they are: space objects.

We all know who the bot is – its name is Earth. For what we know, a unique planet in all the Universe: it hosts life. The unforgiving forces in the Universe made Earth encounter the minimoon dubbed as 2020 CD3.

Earth’s higher conscience, the astronomers, calls her a moon. But the ugly truth is that 2020 CD3 is no more than an asteroid. There are millions of them out there. 1,955 of them are potentially hazardous, as they might someday hit Earth. But we’ll get to the hazardous part of 2020 CD3 soon.

Earth’s Minimoon Is Lost in Space

The beauty of the Universe fell for the common beast. The beauty hosted the beast in its strong gravitational pull, and the barren asteroid accepted lively Earth to write articles considering her be the second Moon – a minimoon.

And now, after no more than 2-3 years, she left Earth. She’s gone to orbit the bonfire heart of the Sun. You deserve it Earth, for betraying the Moon and giving her name to a temporary satellite.

And its bitterness might not stop here. It is expected to return at some point and escape the gravitational force of our planet and enter the atmosphere and become a meteor and smash things on its surface. Luckily, it won’t do much damage if it does collide. The carbonaceous C-type asteroid is small, with a diameter of probably 1.9–3.5 meters. We know that from its darkness, its small absolute magnitude of 32. How could you fall for it and call it your Moon, Earth?!

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