The “Fireballs” From the Skies of Chile – Meteorite or not?

The population of Chile and even from the whole world is baffled since something was seen blazing a trail across the sky over the island of Chiloé last Wednesday. Nobody seems to know for sure what it was, but many people start speculating. Several small fires appeared soon in Chile after the sightings; therefore, citizens concluded that the two events are linked.

On a statement made for the national broadcast network TVN, Celebrated astrophysicist and Chilean of the Year José Maza said that the mysterious blazing object from the skies of Chile could have been a meteorite or simply space debris.

Perhaps… aliens?

If there are greater civilizations out there in the Universe, chances are very high that they are no-where near us. And you should surpass the speed of light to go from one solar system to another efficiently. But the world’s most intelligent man, Albert Einstein, said that the speed of light couldn’t be surpassed.

Therefore, the hypothesis of aliens coming to Chile is pretty unlikely, but who knows what other high-tech tools may dwell among this infinite spacetime we live in?

Meteorites can’t be that hot

Meteorites are not that hot, or at least the small ones. And they are certainly not capable of producing fires on the surface of the Earth.

Several years ago, firefighters from UK suspected that a meteorite might have caused a brush fire, but NASA ambassador and astronomy lecturer Greg Redfern corrected them. After checking the site, geologists from the Chilean National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) have officially ruled out meteorites in this case.

So what was the mysterious flying and blazing object from the skies of Chile? Visitors from another planet? An experiment done by humans? We’ll probably find out someday, but until then, remember to not play with fire.

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