The Hubble Space Telescope Captured a Galactic Halloween Decoration

Greater Pumpkin by Hubble

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shows us the best decorations this Halloween! 

The telescope captured a collision between two galaxies that looks a lot like a Halloween carved pumpkin with glowing eyes. The full view is approximately 109,000 light-years across, which is almost the diameter of our galaxy.

Here is what you need to know.

Halloween-themed Galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope succeeded in capturing so far one of the most intriguing snapshots. From a colorful butterfly, a few months ago, to a whole Halloween scenery!

The newly spotted event represents a collision between two galaxies. Usually, such a thing is not a big deal at all. This time, however, we lucky to witness something like that. But how?

Intriguing color shades

The overall pumpkin-ish shade is related to the glow of aging red stars, part of two galaxies, dubbed NGC 2292 and NGC 2293, respectively. One of them has a spiral structure. And the bluish color is due to newborn star clusters, similar to pearls on a necklace.

Furthermore, the glowing eyes are just collections of stars around a pair of supermassive black holes. The bunch of blue foreground stars makes the “pumpkin” look like it got all glittery for the hottest Halloween party in town!

The Astronomers Explain

If we mix two fried eggs, we get scrambled eggs. Something like this happened in the galaxy collisions in the Universe. 

The stars are “scrambled” into a ball-shaped volume of space, turning into an elliptical galaxy, and the galaxies lose their flattened spiral discs. The recently captured duo, however, is quite rare. 

According to astronomers, this interaction could end up in a more significant “fried egg,” most likely developing a giant spiral galaxy. Also, the encounter scenario is unique because there are only a few other examples in the Universe.

As for the ghostly arm “smiling,” this might be just the beginning of the process of restoring a spiral galaxy. 

The event is fantastic and just in time for this Halloween!


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