The Milky Way Galaxy Can Expel Stars To The Outer Stellar Halos

Milky Way

The Milky Way is a massive galaxy with a rich history that is filled with powerful events. A new paper elaborated by a team of researchers argues that clusters of supernovas can facilitate the appearance of suns with unusual orbits in the outer stellar halos.

With the help of advanced computer simulations generated by the Feedback in Realistic Environments 2 project, the scientists managed to create models of these disruptions. According to one of the researchers who contributed to the paper, the simulations infer that the Milky Way pushes stars found in the circumgalactic space by using the power of the supernova explosions.

It is known that when a group of significant stars dies, it will generate a force that can guide gas beyond the boundaries of the galaxies, facilitating the emergence of new stars. The way in which stars are spread across the stellar halo found beyond the classic galactic disk can offer valuable data about the age of the galaxy.

Computer simulations on how the Milky Way galaxy ejects stars

Astronomers have thought that galaxies will form over a long time as small groups of stars will become a part of the main body. However, the team proposes supernova feedback as the key phenomenon which led to the formation of up to 40% of the stars that can be found in the outer halo.

FIRE-2 simulations have also suggested that while the galactic center continues to rotate, the supernova feedback will pave the way for the formation of a bubble which encourages the formation of stars, which appear to be pushed away from the center. The simulations have been quite useful for the researchers, but it was also mentioned that a significant amount of observational evidence was also used.

Heavy stars that contain a generous amount of metal will tend to rotate around the center of the Milky Way galaxy while low metallicity stars tend to follow an opposite trajectory. The paper was published in a scientific journal.

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