The Most Significant Black Hole Discoveries Of 2019

Black holes remain a fascinating source of mystery for many researchers all over the world. The mighty objects exert such a powerful gravitational pull that nothing can escape from their clutches. Unlucky objects that get to close will be pulled and ruined by the fundamental forces.

Below you can learn more about some of the most significant discoveries related to black holes that were made in 2019.

The Most Significant Black Hole Discoveries Of 2019

The first photo of a black hole

A significant achievement is represented by the first photo of a black hole, which was recorded with the help of a complex array known as the Event Horizon Telescope. The composite image showcases the glow of the M87 black hole, located in the heart of the Virgo A galaxy. M87 is as large as our solar system, with a mass that is up to 6.5 billion times heavier than our sun.

The biggest black hole

A team of researchers argued in November that a giant black hole could be found at a distance of 15,000 light-years away from Earth. Initial data inferred that it is so big that it shouldn’t exist. The study was based on the moves of a star that could be up to eight times bigger than our sun and which seemed to circle a blank region. Further research revealed that the black hole might not be as big as it looks.

An unlikely source of life

Black holes may consume any objects that come close to them, but they can also contribute to the appearance of life. In some cases, black holes will release a generous amount of hot gas and plasma, which can power galaxies that would die otherwise.

Another study claims that the radiation emitted by black holes can be harnessed by alien life as long as it is placed within the golden zone present in a galaxy. There are lots of other exciting discoveries that can be found online.

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