The Most Violent Object In The Solar System, Revealed In New Images

There are some new images that reveal the most violent object in the solar system. It’s one of the strongest asteroids out there, which is also the most covered in craters one.

Pallas is 318 miles in diameter, and it’s the third largest-asteroid in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It accounts for about 7% of the mass of this region.

Pallas was mistaken for a planet 

When this space rock was discovered back in 1802, this was the second asteroid that’s been ever found. The man who discovered it is the German astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers. He originally classified the object as a planet.

Pallas has been following quite a strange path in space. It’s been plunging in and out of the main belt as it’s following a path around the sun that is heavily skewed in comparison to the orbits of the planets.

Live Science writes that there are some new images which are showing the consequences of that idiosyncratic journey.

“From these images, we can now say that Pallas is the most cratered object that we know of in the asteroid belt. It’s like discovering a new world,” according to MIT astronomer Michaël Marsset, who is also the lead author of a paper describing the images.

It’s also important to note the fact that the asteroids in the asteroid belt are moving really fast. They also tend to have similar orbits according to the latest data coming from experts.

Pallas has extremely many large craters 

When the space rocks slam into one another, the collision can become truly cataclysmic and they can produce craters.

It’s been also revealed that Pallas has an unreasonable number of huge craters.

Pallas sees two to three times more collisions compared to Ceres or Vesta, the two largest objects in the asteroid belt, according to the same online publication mentioned above.

More than that, “its tilted orbit is a straightforward explanation for the very weird surface that we don’t see on either of the other two asteroids,” Marsset said.

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