The Mysteries Under The Ice Of Antarctica

Antarctica might be for many of us the equivalent of a desert when it comes to fauna and flora. Just like the desert has its camels and Arabic horses, Antarctica has penguins and sea lions, and that’s that. But there is so much more than that, as the documentary “Under the ice” shows us.

The bottom of the ocean is covered with ice anchors, resembling the brushwood clumps from the desert regions, or enormous dandelion fluff. Only, instead of brushwood or fluff, they are made of large ice chips.

Spread on the ocean floor dozens of bright pink starfishes and pink sea urchins. And sometimes, large chips of ice can take a sea urchin and lift it to the ice sheet that covers the ocean. There is a lot of pink deep there.

Bizarre jellyfishes wear it too on their tentacles. We might think that under the ice, there can be only absolute silence. But we’d be wrong. There is sound deep there, some sort of whistles.

Under the ice of Antarctica are many mysterious species of fauna and flora

“To me, these noises sound like alien radio signals in SF movies,” says the narrator. It’s the seals that make it. and the resonance has a lot to do with the thick ice covering the water and creating a unique resonance box.

It can look fearsome to see the diver swimming underneath all that ice of Antarctica. The ice ceiling isn’t uniform, it has deep crevices. In some parts, the ice is so thick, that one can barely pass underneath it.

Odd brine channels are hanging from the roof. Resembling stalactites, they are downspouts for the salt that refuses to freeze and stays liquid. At the end of the brine channel, you can see a flow of that salty water – the water flow under the water.

As this very salty flow of water descents, it freezes the less-salty water, forming the tube that makes it resemble the stalactite. “This simple and precarious balance between what is frozen and what is not affecting everyone on Earth,” says the narrator.

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