The Next Full Moon is the Strawberry Moon – Here’s What it Means

The Strawberry Moon can be seen this week as the new lunar cycle begins. On Friday afternoon, June 5th, at 3:12 PM EDT, the latest Full Moon of the year, which was initially known as the Rose Moon in Europe, is set to appear in the skies.  

The name ‘Strawberry’ originates from North America, where native people associated the rising of the Full Moon in June with the blossoming of berries. Strawberries are native to America, and before the 1600s, Europe had never known the fruit existed. Before strawberries were shipped to Europe, the June Full Moon was known as the Rose Moon.  

The Farmer’s Almanac details: “At this time of year, when spring turns to summer, and the flowers of May begin to fade, berries burst forth from bushes. To the Algonquin tribes who once roamed much of North America, June was synonymous with strawberries. This sweet, tangy, and nutritious wild food staple was only available for a short time each year. So June’s full Moon naturally came to be known as the Strawberry Moon, a name that was universal to every tribe.”  

The Remaining Full Moons of 2020  

As per the Royal Greenwich Observatory, the Strawberry Moon will be full for up to three days this time. This phase marks the moment the Moon‘s side facing the Earth is completely illuminated by the Sun. As the Moon rotates around both our planet and the Sun, various areas of the side of the Moon we see are glowing. The shifting luminosity is called the Lunar Cycle and lasts about 29.5 days from one New Moon to the next.  

The remaining Full Moons you should look for this year, besides the Strawberry Moon, include the Full Buck Moon on July 5th, the Full Sturgeon Moon expected on August 3rd, the Full Corn Moon on September 2nd, followed by the Full Hunter’s Moon on October 1st, the Blue Moon on October 31st, the Full Beaver’s Moon on November 30th, and finally the Full Cold Moon on December 30th. 

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