The Nile Could Be Mirroring The Depths Of The Underworld

The Nile is surrounded by mystery, and now the online publication Gizmodo intensifies this mysterious aura around it.

They reveal that some scientists believe that this river might be revealing the mysteries that are underneath its mantle.

Just in case you don’t know, there’s been a debate over the age of the Nile for a really long time. It’s been analyzed whether it formed from a river redirecting around 5million years ago or whether a proto-Nile flowed through the area about 30 million years ago.

The online publication mentioned above notes that if the river is even older as a member of the expert team has suggested, then it means that the Nile could be very well mirroring the course of a mantle material that is circulating beneath it.

The mantle is the largest layer of Earth and it includes high-pressure rocks beneath the crust and above the core as well.

“Maybe we can use rivers to understand how the mantle flows” more generally, Claudio Faccenna, who is the study’s main author and a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, told the online publication mentioned above.

More clues are supporting the idea of an older Nile 

It’s also worth noting that past research also seems to be supporting the idea of a much older Nile.

Gizmodo explains that “Analysis of 20- to 30-million-year-old rocks called zircons found at the Nile’s mouth showed that they seem to match the rocks found in the Ethiopian plateau at the source of the Nile, suggesting the river is at least that old.”

It’s also worth highlighting the fact that the thickness of the sediment also seems to be supporting the idea of an older Nile.

We recommend that you head over to the original article written by Gizmodo in order to find out more juicy theories and info.

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