The Origin Of Earth’s Abundant Water – A New Theory!

Researchers from France say that space rocks formed near our Sun brought the liquid to our planet, which suggests that it was wet since it formed.

Water covers about seventy percent of the Earth’sEarth’s surface and is the source of life as we know it.

However, scientists were puzzled by how the water got here for a long time!

The mystery got a step closer to being uncovered after a French team reported in the journal Science that they discovered which space rocks were responsible for that.

Laurette Piani, the cosmo-chemist who led the research, said that their discoveries contradicted the former theory that water was brought to an initially dry planet by asteroids or comets.

Comets are made of ice and dust and orbit the Sun. However, the amount of ice inside a regular comet is insignificant compared to the quantity of water on Earth.

Early models of the formation of the Solar System suggest that the disks of gas and dust that swirled around the Sun and formed the planets were too hot to contain ice.

Scientists believed that the water came along after, and the most prominent suspects were meteorites known as carbonaceous chondrites, which are rich in hydrous minerals.

Still, their chemical composition isn’t close to our planet’s rocks!

The Study

Piani and her colleagues from the Centre de Recherches Petrographiques et Geochimiques from the Universite de Lorraine used a method known as mass spectrometry to measure the content of hydrogen from 13 enstatite chondrites.

They discovered that the rocks contained enough hydrogen to provide Earth with at least three times the water mass of its oceans, which is fantastic!

“We found the hydrogen isotopic composition of enstatite chondrites to be similar to the one of the waters stored in the terrestrial mantle,” Piani stated.

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