The Ozone Layer Is Healing But Countries Such As China Keep Harming It

Detected in 1985, the ozone hole over Antarctica had fluctuated enormously over the wars. The highest decrease in ozone concentration was in 2008. It was also the most durable one.

As a consequence of the Montreal Protocol, in 2019, the hole reached its smallest. One of the main reasons for ozone depletion is the emissions of chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere. They decompose the ozone into other gases. The 1987 agreement signed at Montreal was meant to stop producing those ozone-depleting substances.

Still, China doesn’t seem to play by the rules. Its economy seems to be much more important than Earth’s health. Emissions of such chemicals were registered in the last years over its industrial regions, thus endangering the entire process of recovery.

Today, the Global Wind Movement has reason to celebrate. As a direct consequence of ozone restauration, the jet stream at the South Pole seems to be moving back to its northern place.

The Ozone Layer Is Recovering, New Research Revealed

The jet streams are air currents with very chaotic behavior. They can split into two or more parts, start and stop whenever they feel like, combine into one stream, or flow in the opposite direction of the rest of the jet.

Because of the rarefaction of the atmospheric ozone layer, the jet stream close to Antarctica moved south. Ten years after the agreement signed in Montreal, the jet stream’s descent stopped. In the present time, it looks like the jet stream migrated back north, closer to its native place.

The recent incendiary events in Australia are most likely caused by the jet stream movement to the south that displaced the rains in the continent. Australia has reason to hope that drought days are over.

Although it is a reason for joy, specialists are retained. “We term this a ‘pause’ because the poleward circulation trends might resume, stay flat, or reverse,” says Antara Banerjee, an atmospheric chemist from the University of Colorado Boulder. Industries such as China, which raise the greenhouse gas emissions, are the ones causing these restraints.

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