The Sun Will Devour The Earth, and There’s Nothing We Can Do About It

One wise and age-old proverb says that everything must come to an end. Both science and the Bible teach us that the world had a beginning, and it will also have an end. If we don’t destroy each other in a third world war, if a pandemic won’t annihilate us all, if the AI won’t consider us useless and disposable, there’s one impending danger up ahead: the Sun itself, the source for all life on Earth. Pretty ironic, right?

Without Sun’s heat and energy, there would be no plants alive for long. We could still do well without solar light, as we have light bulbs. But no plants means no oxygen being produced for us, which also means that we’re doomed. Of course, temperatures will decrease tremendously below zero, although we would do well for a while with artificial heat sources. But the Sun can show its dark side to us without hesitation if we get too close, and there will be nothing exciting about that.

The Sun will devour the Earth in 7 billion years

If by some chance you were having plans for the next 7 billion years, we’re sorry to bring you bad news. The world will end in an overwhelming rain of fire coming from the sky, if something else won’t destroy the planet in less than 7 billion years. Assuming that the human race will still be around at that time, getting anywhere closer to the Sun than Earth already is will result in unbearable hot temperatures.

The Sun will swell into a red giant star once it consumes a good part of its fuel. It’s a completely normal stage of a star the size of ours. The hydrogen from the Sun’s core is enough to undergo nuclear fusion, as it transforms into helium and energy. The energy leaks out of the core and into the upper layers keeping the Sun inflated enough. However, helium will start to build up in the core. While the Sun will run out of hydrogen in its core within the next several billions of years, the core will shrink and heat up. This will result in the hydrogen fusing in a thin shell outside the kernel, and automatically raising the Sun’s volume.

Therefore, if you somehow found the secret for eternal youth, the best thing you can do is to pack your luggage and find yourself another planet within the next 7 billion years because the Earth’s weather will be pretty bad.

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