The UK Plans For “Royal Space Force,” Following The Example Of The US

Will Whitehorn has announced that the United Kingdom is prone to invest money in developing a “Royal Space Force” with a view to defending the country’s space assets. The Royal Space Force is going to be a branch of the military.

Mr. Whitehorn has declared for that the necessity of the Royal Space force will be felt and asked by the industry when the time comes. This measure is going to be necessary for the near future to protect UKSpace and the growing presence of Great Britain in the space.

The need for such a military force is felt since enormous amounts of money are spent on improving the UKSpace. Therefore, Britain must take into account that they need to defend those acquisitions and protect them from possible damage from the competitors.

“Royale Space Force” to follow the example of the US Space Force

Great Britain is not the first country to ever think of that option. The United States of America have already implemented the US Space Force in December 2019, as an independent branch from the military service. With approximately 16.000 people working for this enterprise, it is expected to increase even more in the upcoming years.

Mr. Whitehorn has stated that the space offers British companies endless commercial opportunities. However, in exchange for their investment, authorities need to protect them. A concrete example is a case when banks or organizations would need other secure transactions. That can only be realized with encrypted data utilizing quantum technology, which is sent to space.

The president is also taking into consideration the idea that British factories that mostly use carbon base materials can proceed with their activities in the outer space. Moving the robotic construction outside the atmosphere is an ambitious project, but nothing that the UK should be afraid of. The desired outcome of these investments is that the United Kingdom to have 10% of the global space economy by the year 2030.

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